Monday, December 1, 2014

Master Ceremony of Lazarus Quixote at Roissy Val d'Oise

L to R: ThomasX Xue, Nara (nara1 Resident), René (geir Resident)
Vette (yvetteSapphyre Resident), Lazarus Quixote, Kurt (Kurt8 Resident)
I attended the Master Ceremony for Lazarus Quixote in Roissy Val d'Oise at the invitation of Vette (yvetteSapphyre Resident).

As always, I was entranced by the beauty of the grounds in the sim, and I followed a heavy stream of people to the Chateau Patio, where we sat down on chairs and pillows to await the beginning of the ceremony.

The event was heavily attended
My Linda Lou could not attend, but Melinda joined me and knelt at my left, and we proceeded to do the usual round robin greeting of incoming guests.

Melinda Nyn joined me at the event.
The ceremony started with an introduction by Thomas (ThomasX Xue), the Dom Supervisor, who summarized the meaning of the ceremony and the significance of the attainment by Lazarus of the title Master of the Chateau.

He was followed by René (geir Resident), the sim owner, who thanked everyone for their contribution to the success of the community

Vette talking about the final task
Samois Supervisor and O Aspirante Vette was the next to stand and speak, as she was the sister assigned for Lazarus' final task, and she had nothing but praise for the candidate, noting that "He did not just come to me and say you have been assigned to me for my final task. Instead He came to me as a respectful dom and asked to dance and spend time getting to know each other and build a scene with all the elements required in the written assigned task."

She was followed by the guest speaker, Kurt (Kurt8 resident), a master at the sim, who gave a personal account of his very positive interactions with Lazarus, concluding that "It is not common for the dominants to get to know much about each other. But Lazarus is not only the type of person who we know as intelligent, witty, caring and dedicated, he is also someone we want to be close to and someone we feel good to be around as well."

A toast to the new Master
Finally, the audience gave a toast to the new Master, who gave a heartfelt speech to thank people in the community who had helped him achieve his goal.

This ended the formal part of the ceremony, and people started to stream to the Chateau Gardens, where live music and dancing capped the eventful and exciting night!

The dance with live music after.

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