Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fairy Tale Dance at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin

On March 30, Linda and I attended the Fairy tale dance that celebrated the opening of Forest of Azure's Beauty and the Beast Exhibition at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin, with Meli and Avril as hosts and Painthorse as the DJ.

After quickly perusing the gallery pics and story (I later returned to view and read the displays at my leisure), we moved up to the top of the castle, where the dance was already underway.

I had dressed as a frog prince, while Linda had come in as a beautiful princess to complement my outfit, and all around us people danced in the cutest fairy tale outfits.

Some pics from the event, courtesy of Aisha Sohl:

Arie and Fia
Peter and Cara
Sterling and Forest
LG and Mari
Alvise and Marion
Marcus and Meli
Screwtape and Aisha
DJ Painthorse

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