Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Big Mo and the Case of the Dozen Red Flowers

The voice chat at Austin's Starbucks on April 12 was the usual menagerie of fun topics. I had given Linda some red roses, and she held them close as we cuddled in one of the chairs.

The number of people who attend the chats is quite variable, and some are "ears only" (able to hear but not speak), but it's always a good time because we've all gotten to know each other so well, and topics tend to stray far and wide from BDSM and D/s to all sorts of weird subjects.

That Tuesday was no different.

Tyro Master Screwtape and Linda regaled us with tales about all sorts of weird college alcohol stunts, including something called Beer Shotgun, which involved a "Beer Bong", while O-girl Aisha Sohl related to us some pranks played on drunk men.

When I told her I had never done such things, Linda asked me whether I had even gone to college *smh*, and she also had the honor of being the only one who had ever done a handstand on a beer keg. This caused me to wonder why had I ever thought she was an innocent and shy Sandra Dee *sighs*

Someone's gonna get ban hammered
We also talked about Linda's new puppy, and the girls gave dissenting opinion about whether they would ever do Daryl Dixon of the Walking Dead (not one single girl said aye to the muscular but kinda dirty and disheveled guy).

The flowers also came into topic, when Linda archly said it had been given to her by Big Mo, who it turns out had allegedly also peed on the hot tub - said hot tub probably being the one shown on a poster about a hot tub party at Ratzu's that Linda had surreptitiously put up last Friday!

Big Mo say "Hi!"
Shah later joined us, which sparked talks about accents, including the highly posh British accents and how one can sometimes start mimicking another accent when talking to someone who has one. At this point, we also got treated to some very cool Cajun from O-girl Avril Aura, who sounded suspiciously like she was talking French.

All in all, it was the usual 2 hours of fun talks, and I only left after my laptop had run out of charge.

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