Saturday, December 26, 2015


Linda and I have known Dakota (Dakota0therbee) for about a year now.

I remember the first time Linda and I met her was late one night on December 7, 2014  at the Cafe at Austin, when my girl handed out big hairdos to all the other girls and  her, Kota, and Reni (Serenity Streusel) did some line dancing with me.

As is common at night, I had to go afk, and when I woke up I found that the girls had conspired to push my body into a river! When I confronted Kota and Reni later, Kota said she was "< 50% innocent"....

I laughed and thanked them for making my boo happy, and Kota said that Linda was "great" and that she became less shy when "people like Linda are around".

Fast forward several months. Kota had come out of the Chateau a full O-girl, and had started handling discussions at the sim.

I attended a couple of them (she does the discussions at night, which is usually hard for me), and I found out my initial impressions of her were right. She is an extremely intelligent person, with a serious bent that is ameliorated by a fun streak that she shows to those she gets to know well.

I was impressed, and we started talking more often in email and in chat. After a series of long email discussions with her this December (and I do mean loooong lol), I decided to take her in as my ward, which means I take some responsibility in guiding and protecting her during her path along the winding D/s way (much as I endeavored to do with Melinda Nyn almost exactly a year earlier).

I introduced her as such in a pick, and I believe this describes her well:

She is seriously intelligent but funny, reserved but quick to join in on the fun, and thoughtful but blessed with a touch of spontaneity. She is a mass of contradictions, an attractive and appealing girl whose calm exterior hides deep and perhaps dangerous ocean currents. She is my ward, and under my care.

I look forward to the journey, and I know that Linda and I will learn just as much from her as she learns from us.

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