Sunday, December 6, 2015

Australian Dance and Racing Roos Event at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin

I attended the last part of Belle's (Darlingbelle) Downunder@Austin race and dance event on December 5, 2015 at Austin. The event was to complete her GIS requirement to run an event - G111.

The Racing Roo race had been finished by then, but Belle told me the roos had been a huge hit, for which I am very glad.

The winner of the race was Bahkana Hadazuma, with second place going to Aqua Fearne, and the third place won by Marcus Massaro.

Afterwards, the participants retreated back into the airy comforts of a structure which looked like the Sydney Opera House, where DJ Nan (Nan Swindlehurst) spun some Aussie derived songs for their enjoyment (I didn't have media on, but I suspect the sweet strains of some Air Supply tunes were probably on the list).

The awards for best dressers were also handed out, with LG (Lord Glasswing) taking the award for the males, and Aqua winning as the best dressed female (which only shows that those darn Kiwis are winners...or maybe that down under people stick to their kind...whichever lol).

I managed to come inworld for the end part of the dance, and took a turn swirling around the floor with Belle, who looked quite fetching in her racing outfit.

The success of the Racing Roos in this event means I'll probably spend a bit more time upgrading the item, and perhaps placing it on market.

More pics from the event, courtesy of Belle.

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