Thursday, November 19, 2015

Racing Roos

I worked on scripting a kangaroo so people can sit on it and race for an event at Austin in early December.

Once I got the driving script in it, I added a few additional features, such as floating text with the last rider's name on it. I might add a way to change the speed as well, though to be honest that's probably not necessary.

I'll also be creating a finish line sensor that will work with the Roos so it'll be easy to determine the winner of any race, and I may try to put in a sit pose on the Roos as well.

Then Linda and I tested the new Racing Roos by riding them on the streets around our inworld stores.

My baby girl beat me handily, though I will protest that it's probably because my window was minimized and it was hard to see how the road meandered along the densely forested sim.

Then again, maybe it's because my biker girl actually IS a real biker girl in RL, and riding the Roos was very similar to driving a bike ;-)

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