Saturday, November 21, 2015

Blonds, belly buttons, and Stephen Hawking

Linda and I attended the voice chat on November 20 at the Austin Starbucks and had a great time.

It's been awhile since Linda could stay long for the chat, but on that Friday night we stayed and talked for more than 3 hours (until almost 5 pm SLT)! It's the longest she's been able to stay since we held impromptu voice chats at the Cafe during Austin's 7th anniversary celebrations.

Melinda Nyn hosted the event, and the topics were as diverse as ever. Some of the subject matter included Thanksgiving and how the British fit into it (with Ratzu joking about handing over control of Austin to Linda for the weekend, at which point my little boo finagled to get access to the Austin music stream and hidden cash); the "O you may not know these people" (Linda's name for regulars like us who are not Austin members); Ratzu's chest hair (hmmm...thanks Ara); Pigeon for dinner (flying rats anyone?); Sim-hopping to get laid (don't ask!); Blonds and belly buttons (it took me until the next day to figure out the joke - duh); the allure of UPS men (ugh!); and Physics and the status of Pluto as a planetary object. I forgot what else, but you can cover a  lot in 3 hours lol.

We also got Fia to moan and whimper for us...oh wait, i mean READ for us; Screwtape gave his great rendition of a South Park song; and I finally got to know my boo's IQ (she's an RL blond so the bubbly headed blond stereotype is a recurring theme, and as expected her smarts is way way higher than the average).

All in all, we had a great time, and the list of people who attended included (I am probably missing people here, so please IM me if I missed your name):

Sage Avedon
Billy Avedon
Melinda Nyn
Marcus Massaro
Aisha Sohl
Rafe Allardyce
Jen Umaga

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