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Linda Croft and the Debauchery at Austin Speakeasy

Linda and I attended Austin's weekly Speakeasy event on November 5, 2015 and had a great time. Unlike many other events, the emphasis was on public participation, and role playing. The theme this week was Rock the Kasbah, with the time period in the 1920s or 1930s, and so I dressed appropriately enough as a wealthy Malay Sultan, while Linda came in as the treasure hunter Linda Croft.

My name is Kertanagara, a Sultan of the Malay Kingdom of Palawan, which lies between the Islamic Kingdoms in the mostly-Spanish held Filipinas and the British Malay States, and this is the story of how I met the famous Linda Croft, archaeologist and treasure hunter.

I had completed my annual religious pilgrimage, and with soaring spirits had decided to tour the Egyptian lands in search of relaxation and more exciting pleasures.

The Sultan and his pet Kerbau
The establishment where I spent the week was small but quite pleasant, and certainly was very reputable among the traveling tourists who visited these Land of the Pharaohs, so I was quite surprised when I opened my hotel room door one night to discover someone rifling through my belongings. The brazen intruder whirled around and drew two guns on me, but I ducked and rushed him, hitting him solidly on the solar plexus and bringing him down and out on the carpeted floor.

My hotel in Cairo
It was then that I realized the intruder was a girl. She was rather petite, with blonde locks and an athletic build that belied her small feminine stature. I carried her to the bed and secured her with rope to the bed posts, and content that there was no escape for the spread-eagled form, I sat down and waited until she recovered her wits.

When she woke up a few minutes later, she stared at me angrily with pale blue eyes that would probably have cowed me had she not been trussed up and helpless.

"Who are you girl, and why were you going through my belongings?" I demanded.

"My name is Linda Croft, and that's all you will get from me!" She growled back in a strong accent that I could not quite place, but which was quite honeyed and pleasing to my ears. "Let me go or you'll regret it! Don't mess with Texas!"

Linda Croft
She was of course quite wrong about this. I would in the end get what I wanted, and I sighed, opening a small bag which I always carried with me, and taking out a range of implements that made her pretty eyes widen in shock and horror.

I went to work on her. For hours I wrested secrets from her pale pain-wracked body.

In the end, I found out she was a treasure hunter and archaeologist from America, and she was searching for a way to find the whereabouts of my country's most famous royal artifact, the Diamond of Sabah, which is said to be so large and bright it will blind you if you look at it unprotected.

I sighed again. It had been a tiring night, and I was in need of some entertainment.

I had heard of an establishment nearby, run by foreigners but frequented by both locals and many Americans and Europeans. It was called the Austin Speakeasy, and it was said that this was where rich men came for drinks and dances, served by comely and barely veiled Dancing Girls.

But I could not leave the dangerous Linda Croft behind while I was enjoying myself. She had been broken by me, but might still have some mischief in mind, so I leashed her by the collar I had placed around her neck during the night and pulled her behind me as I searched the warrens of Cairo for this Austin Speakeasy.

Den of Iniquity
Once we found it, we were greeted by a gentleman named Frank Lardner, who introduced himself as the Dungeon Master (DM) of the Austin Speakeasy. He was talking to a well-matched couple, perhaps American, and after introducing them to us as Billy Avedon and Sage Avedon (Sagewisdom) he asked the lady:

Frank Lardner: Are you here today to Mingle and Observe? Or to Dance for our Gents? Or do you wish to Serve the House as a BDSM Model?

Then he asked the same of Linda, who was still in her original outfit: short khaki pants, combat boots, and a grimy t-shirt, which later moved him to "wonder what treasures lie beneath all these rags and grime."

I smiled politely, and noted that we would only be observing for now, and so he escorted us into the dimly lit but elegantly appointed premises of the Austin Speakeasy.

The reputation of the Speakeasy for debauchery was not unwarranted. Inside, dancing girls who were completely unveiled flaunted their bodies as they danced in wanton disregard for any civilized proprieties, and the Dungeon Master introduced them as they bounced and flounced around in their revealing outfits.

A red haired beauty in black was introduced as Fia (Fiammetta1981 Resident), and next to her a raven haired girl in white silks came forward and offered her name as Sumi (Sumiyah Blackrain). A third girl called Belle (Darlingbelle Resident) had to leave, perhaps summoned by some client for an illicit affair, and such was the reputation of the Speakeasy that I would not be surprised if this was indeed true.

As some of the gathered people were wondering why my captive was not in silks like the other girls, I introduced her.

MK: I'd like you all to meet Linda Croft, a girl I captured who was rummaging through my belongings. She is some kind of treasure hunter.

They eyed her and her outfit.

Frank Lardner: MK, please bring her closer for examination ... she may be wanted for prior crimes...

Linda looks to the floor

MK smiles..."She is quite a strong willed filly...but I will make it a point to break her."

Frank Lardner: "Mk, we have just the equipment for that .. .may I show you?"

MK: ...and of course see what lies beneath the khaki rags, as you put it.

Linda stares at your little pointy shoes 

Frank Lardner whispers: "We are fully licensed for 'wet work' as they call it, MK

MK: Perhaps in awhile Frank. I would have her dance later as well

Linda shakes

The DM nodded politely, and excused himself and proceeded to address the crowd.

Frank Lardner shouts: 

Welcome Houseguests! I am Frank Lardner, one of the Masters@Austin. In addition to being open 24/7 for your naughty pleasures, Austin's Speakeasy arranges special Events for your enjoyment. 

Today, if all goes well, several lovely Girls will dance either belly dances or Gorean Kajira dances.  Please show your appreciation with applause, but do not tip the Girls. The Dancing Girls are under my protection until noon SLT ... so If you would like to negotiate a private dance with the Girl, please inquire from Dungeon Master Frank Lardner. 

Following some Dancing, I will introduce some of the Speakeasy Girls who are here today to Serve the House as BDSM models and entertainers in our Back Room ...

==And a few important words of housekeeping:==

As the Event proceeds, the DM will direct the Girls' interaction in accordance with RACK and in order to encourage positive play and a receptive, non-pressured BDSM and sex-positive experience for all.

Most 'adult' play will be in the Back Room.  All scenes and "RP" will be in Open Chat, per Austin standards.  Speakeasy is a full adult performance art venue expressly licensed by Austin Owner Ratzu Darkstone for Observer-friendly BDSM and Explicit Sexual interaction.

Thank you for coming and Enjoy the Show and Performances.

And enjoy our facilities.

I could feel Linda trembling at the end of my leash, and my heart went to her, but the sight of all the beautiful girls in silk finally convinced me that this treasure hunter should learn what it means to be a real woman.

MK tugs at hem of Linda Croft's shirt..."You look too mannish in these clothes girl. I know in this country called Texas all the girls probably wear short pants and guns, but I will not have my property looking like a man."

Linda looks down

Linda: what do you wish Master?

MK: I would see you take off your raggedy clothes, and display yourself as these girls do.

Linda takes a deep breath..yes Master

MK: Take off the shirt first...let me see you

Linda stands with shaking knees

MK tugs at her shirt again.."Off with this girl"

Linda slowly moves my hand to the rugged clasp..releasing my shirt to the ground

Linda removes my shorts..and feels so nervous as they fall past my hips

MK grins with delight as he sees her curvy figure fully for the second time...."I will need silks for you girl"

Linda body shakes as i stand before you

Linda: yes Master

MK smiles..."Surprise me girl"

MK: I want to see how beautiful you look in silks

Linda: I haven't such nice clothes as the other girls

Linda slips an old silk from my back pack

MK: It will do...I am amazed a dirty archaeologist treasure hunter like yourself even has silks...

Belle listens intently to the exotic Master's words about his girl

Frank Lardner: Perhaps MK could take up a collection from the Gents for your trousseau, Girl. But your captor seems to have outfitted you for useful service

Linda slips my silks on...fingers shaking

Linda falls down to my knees..begs to not be used by the others..please.

Frank Lardner: MK, feel free to put her on the dance/spank chairs on on the equipment out back.

The first part of the evening involved the men sitting on chairs while the girls danced for them. I took one seat that was offered by the delectable Belle, and Linda danced for me on leash, her lithe body swaying to the Arabian music that filled the venue. Beside me, Billy gazed in wonder at the equally beautiful Sage, whose gleaming buttocks jiggled quite fetchingly.

Our girls dancing for us
After this beguiling performance by our own girls, the DM announced that we would now be treated to a Kajira Dance by one of the service girls. He trotted Fia forward and made her stand as if some mere piece of property and recite her limits.

The DM instructing Fia as Sumi looks on
Frank Lardner: Fia, come forward please

Fia:: yes Master

Frank Lardner: -nudges her forward with a pat on her bottom

Fia:: greetings Masters, my offering is thus

Frank Lardner: -and moves to nuzzle sumi's neck as she shakes her money-maker

Frank Lardner: -letting his left hand slide down sumi's left buttock and patting it gently-

Fia:: i may be cuffed, leashed, asked to serve within GIS rules (this includes food, drinks, dance, kneeling and the like), Spanked with lingerie on.

I leaned forward expectantly in my chair. This was beyond anything that I thought would happen. The mood in the place was electric with tension.

MK waits expectantly to see how  wicked these Americans could be..."Perhaps I will take notes for when I go back to my home country. And Linda, I hope you see this and see how your future might turn out, and soon."

Linda forces a Yes Sir. I wish to know my fate Sir

MK smiles and strokes her firm legs..."Your fate will be whatever I decide it is to be...I'm glad you understand that Linda."

Linda exhales..yes Master

I forced her to dance for me as we waited
I watched in fascination as our host played with the girl, inciting spasms of pleasure from her as he prepared her for her dance.

Frank Lardner: now, sumi, help fia off with her corset

Sumi: yes Master Frank it does lace up in the back..she smiles as she lifts Fias hair up to see..

Frank Lardner: --reaches up and snaps his leash on fia's collar-

Fia: feels her hair dancing up her long spine.. her body tightening at the feel... skin raising with goosebumps.. the metallic click of the leash making her breath a shiver as the tight corset is relaxed and removed by Sumi's deft touch.. a shiver gracing her form as His fingers toy lightly at her cleavage

Frank Lardner: that corset has some lovely attachment points for restraints ... but I want to see and spank her lovely upper ass cheeks-

Sage Avedon snuggles closer to Master as i watch

Sumi steps over to Fia, smiling at the pretty girl as she obediently begins to remove her clothes...she begins to untie the strings on the back of the corset and then brings the corset down helping Fia step out of the confining garment..smiling at her beautiful breasts..there You go Master Frank..she smiles at Him..

Frank Lardner: -lets his warm fingertip slide down Fia's chest and to the soft cleavage between her breasts-

Fia gives a shiver as the tight corset is relaxed and removed by Sumi's deft touch.. a shiver gracing her form as His fingers toy lightly at her cleavage

Frank Lardner: -runs his fingernails down Fia's toned belly-

Frank Lardner: -slides his nails lower, along the upper seam of her garter top-

Fia: gives a tiny whimper as His fingers trail down her belly to the top of her garter

Fia:: yesss Master

Frank Lardner whispers: "sumi, doesn't fia have lovely skin ... and toned belly muscles?

Sumi: yes Master..she is indeed sooo lovely...

Frank Lardner: "Fia, do you enjoy the touch of a woman as well as that of a man?"

Fia: blushes softly at the compliments.

Fia:: i do, Master

Frank Lardner: -slides his nails along the garter top and then down her left hip and thigh-

Fia: gives a soft silky whimper as His nails trail down .. sending firey heat coursing though her

Frank Lardner: -draws his hand back up to Fia's collar and guides her to the center of the rug-

Frank Lardner: Fia, you indicated that a Gorean dance was your specialty?

Fia: follows the leash obediently.. her chin lifted elegantly

Frank Lardner: "I would be pleased if you did one here for us"

Fia: gives a tiny gulp and softly nods

Fia:: yes Master

Frank Lardner: "sumi, you may kneel by MK and Lb"

Sumi: yes Master..

Linda and Sumi kneel by me as the dance progresses
Frank Lardner: -takes off the leash to allow fia freedom of movement-

Fia: slowly breathes in and lifts her long slender arms... touching wrists over her head.. her shimmering emerald eyes lowered to the rug... feeling the rich silk and lace caressing her long form... hiding and yet accenting the almost golden skin of her... her hair artfully tousled and hanging down her back in streamers of autumnal splendor.

And just like that we were treated to the most mesmerizing and beautiful of dances.

The raw sexuality of it was amazing.

I had never seen the likes of it in all my travels, and I could feel the heat rising in the room as the girl Fia danced first in front of Billy, then for me and the two subservient girls at my feet.

And more....the DM toyed with her, goaded her with sweet promises, knowing that she was in the heat of unreleased passion and could do nothing but mewl and moan and ache to be released from the torment of her desires. It was torture of the mental kind,and I could feel the girl shudder in her dance as waves of unfulfilled need washed over her glistening body.

It was fascinating to watch, and as the dance ended the girl finished in the arms of her DM, her spent body wracked with tremors as the adrenaline poured over her and left her drained of all energy.

I stood up, my legs shaky and my breath coming in short gasps. I looked at the treasure hunter and she too was staring raptly at the entwined bodies of the girl and the DM. She was licking her lips, almost absently, her eyes glazed.

I pulled on the leash and she almost stumbled as she got up and looked at me, her pale blue eyes registering surprise and fear. I grinned and she flinched, and I could feel her start to tremble again as I said my thanks and bid adieu to the gathered crowd.

Thus ended our enjoyable stay at the Austin Speakeasy, but who knows what other adventures the night might bring for the lovely Linda Croft, Treasure Hunter?

- Stay tuned for more of....
The Adventures of Linda Croft! -

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