Monday, November 30, 2015

Heart's Cove: Avril's Winter Wonderland

My friend Avril Aura is one of the best graphic artists I know, and she owns an entire sim called Heart's Cove, which introduces itself as a place that was created for people who are willing and open to accepting others no matter their creed, race and faith. It is based on D/s BDSM, and its goal is to promote tolerance of lifestyle choices.

Click to TP to Heart's Cove

Avril had mentioned during a voice chat at Austin that she had decorated the sim for the Fall Season, so tonight I TPed over to take a look see.

It would be an understatement to say i was amazed at the sim, which was hauntingly beautiful using firestorm's midnight setting.

I walked around in wonder, taking pics of the scenery and marveling at the talents of people like Avril, who have the imagination and perseverance to create such beautiful things in a world that is frequently beset with problems and trivialities.

The sim at 65,000+ sqm is huge and I am sure have not explored a fraction of the things to see in it, so i will be going there again tomorrow to continue my explorations.

But below are some other pics that i took tonight...enjoy!

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