Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Boots and sundresses

When Linda first started selling items in market, she offered a superb line of boots to customers.

I noticed she still has a fondness for wearing such footwear, and I have to admit the things go very well with short skirts, sundresses, and short pants.

I also noticed that as time passed she has (perhaps unconsciously) responded to me when making her almost daily outfit and hair style changes, such that she now tends to wear things that I also prefer.

I noticed this change in her habits since I take quite a number of pics when I have the chance, and comparing images of her when we first met to those that are more recent definitely shows this trend.

This is not so surprising obviously. As a good submissive, Linda automatically tries to please me, and I have found that I have a pronounced liking towards simple summer dresses or elegant wear with short skirts, relatively bare backs, and fronts which accentuate the soft side curves of the feminine bosom ("peekaboo sides").

Simple sundress with boots
The process of change in this case was probably guided by several factors.

The first is the most obvious. I tend to compliment her when I find her wearing outfits and hair styles that I like. I hadn't been doing this in any manipulative or methodical way, but I am a fairly open man and I do tend to show my emotions. Thus, simple heartfelt exclamations and positive comments about her current wardrobe usually go  a long way towards reinforcing her ideas about which items I like and don't like.

The second way she has been influenced is through direct manipulation of her daily wear. On some days I pick what she will wear for the day from her extensive wardrobe, and I am sure Linda noticed a definite bias on my part towards certain types of fashion, which then reinforces her idea of what would be pleasing to me.

Backless sheer outfits with boots
The third way my preferences have been indirectly communicated to her is when I actually gift her outfits from the marketplace. I make it a point to gift my boo on a semi-regular basis. I either sort through the vast array of offerings in the marketplace (a task that normally takes quite a lot of time), or look for inspiration from certain fashion blogs, such as those by Cara Olivieri or by  Lori Novo.

Simple but elegant backless outfits with peekaboo sides 
Finally, Linda herself consciously adjusts her outfits based on her knowledge of my likes and dislikes. For example, she knows that I have a 1950s fetish, and so at times she will wear some clothes from that period of time.

1950s fetish
I should point out that I tend to indicate my preferences for the core outfits only, and Linda always decides on how to accessorize the selected item so as to create an overall ensemble that is light years better than anything a fashion-challenged male like myself could create.

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