Sunday, October 11, 2015

My 8k Girl

Bidding for Linda at Austin's 6th Anniversary Auction (Oct 11, 2014)
Second Life is funny. Time flows different. Sometimes it seems like a few years in RL feels like decades in SL to me.

But then there are times when something that happened a year ago feels like it happened just yesterday.

I can still remember vividly bidding on Linda as she stood on the stage with Ratzu. I had been grocery shopping and had been frantically asking Ivy to make sure her card did not come up until I could get back home and log inworld.

I managed to log in perhaps an hour before the auction ended for the day, and Linda herself logged in 15 minutes later and sat by my feet.

My girl was woozy and quite worried about getting up on stage, but like a good little soldier marched up onto the stage when her card came up. I remember Ratzu describing her as a southern belle with tabasco sauce because she came from Texas, and I remember her saying "dang it" (or maybe something stronger lol) as the bid price rose.

I won her for 8000 L, the best deal I have ever made in my life. A promise of a two hour date that stretched to months and then a year.

A few weeks later, I made her my own promise (paraphrased below) that I hope I have managed to keep for the last year, and hopefully will keep for many more years to come.

Promises are broken all the time.
It is the great destroyer of all things that
we cherish and proclaim,
no matter how earnest we are at the time.

But I promise you this anyway.

I will always love you, as long as I live.
I will always care for you and try to keep you safe,
so long as I am able.
I will always remember you,
even as I grow old and the years pass
quickly like falling leaves.

That is my promise to you.

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