Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Love and Romance Dance at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin

My boo and I attended the Love and Romance Dance hosted by Sage Avedon (SageWisdom) with DJ Painthorse. Naughty Glimmer provided the venue.

It was also the first year anniversary of when Billy Avedon and Sage first met, and so congratulations came fast and furious as the ladies in their beautiful red gowns and the gentlemen in their finest tuxedoes danced around the elaborate set.

I wore one of the older tuxes in my wardrobe, while Linda wore a stunning red beatrice and sequins gown, with a slit down to one side and her back fully exposed. I could not take my eyes (and hands!) off her.

A couple more pics from the event. My apologies as I didn't have the midnight setting on my viewer for most of the pics.

We also attended Ratzu's always interesting Gallery Discussion prior to the dance.

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