Sunday, October 4, 2015

D/s training and demonstration at the Chateau in Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin

The Chateau is normally off limits to most people, but for part of the 7th anniversary celebration week, anyone could wander the magnificent hallways and rooms in order to really get a feel for the place.

On September 17, some members of Austin presented a unique demonstration of techniques and "scening" at the Chateau. In this case, the audience moved from room to room in order to view demonstrations of six techniques: "Negotiation and warm-up", "Caning", "Suspension", "Spanking", "Flogging", and "Orgasm Control."

The idea for the event was (as Crux Maximus put it) started by O-Girl Meryl, picked up by O-Girl Mari, and kind of handed off to me as RL captured both of them.

Negotiation and warm-up
The first demonstration was done by Crux himself, with the aid of Orchid (orchid.zsun).

Alvise Cliassi and Marion Fadlan then demonstrated caning.

WW (worldwide.pedalo) and Mari (mari.carducci) then demonstrated suspension.

WildSoul Seerose and Roxey (roxeyanna) in the next room showed us the delights of spanking.

The even more delicious art of flogging and orgasm control was next, with RB Quan and Meme (Sozome Resident) giving us a treat.

I enjoyed the demonstrations quite a lot, and I think it's a great way to do a presentation and at the same time give people a "tour" of the environment. I also thought it was very well organized given the very large crowd who attended and the complexities of trying to move a group of people through different rooms, given that most were not familiar with the surroundings and had to deal with lag issues.

I also loved the Chateau build itself. I am always a sucker for old hardwood structures, and the place gave that to me in spades. More pics of the place below:

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