Sunday, October 4, 2015

Collaring Ceremony of Tiger Zepp and Jaci

I attended the collaring ceremony of Tiger Zepp and Jaci (jaclinames) on October 4, 2015 at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin.

The event was presided over by Ratzu Darkstone himself, with Avril Aura assisting the submissive and Crux Maximus standing with the Dominant.

Assisted by Crux and Avril
It attracted a very large crowd of well-wishers and friends, and the whole place was abuzz with excitement as the event began.

Nearly 40 friends and well wishers attended
Ratzu began by noting that:

A collaring is a promise, made in the hearts of two people who love each other. Within the circle of its love, it encompasses all of life's most important relationships. A Master and girl are each other's lover, teacher, listener, critic, and best friend. It is the sharing of experience, and an adventure in the most intimate of human experiences.

Tiger Zepp and Jaci then exchanged their heartfelt promises to one another.

Tiger Zepp: "Jaci, it is my intent to offer you my collar as a sign of your full submission to me. Are you willing here and now in front of all these friends colleagues and witnesses to accept my collar?"

jaci (jaclinames): It would be my deepest joy, my Master, yes!

jaci (jaclinames): I offer you this leash, trusting you to guide us through this journey together. My heart desires nothing more than to be yours, always following your lead. ...

Tiger Zepp: "Jaci ,with the placing of this collar around your neck and your acceptance of it, I vow to do everything I can to be worthy of you. I promise to hold you and keep you safe, to stretch you and give you flight, to respect the needs of our relationship above all others, to love you, honour you, to  support, direct  and guide you in all things and be sensitive to your needs and desires ."

Tiger Zepp: "I acknowledge fully  the trust you have placed in me and the responsibility that goes with my acceptance of that trust. I will not violate that trust. I acknowledge and accept with all my heart soul abd body ,  the gift of submission you have made to me. This collar will be a symbol of that which we already know: that you are mine,  and I your ANAM CARA -

Tiger Zepp: and by your wearing of this  this collar -  you will always be safe, at peace and to be everything that you have ever been , everything that that you are now , and all that you will ever become…

Tiger Zepp: "Jaci ………….Do you accept this collar in the spirit by which it is given you?"

jaci (jaclinames): I accept the honour that you bestow upon me, my Master. The collar you placed around my neck is a powerful symbol of the control I willingly surrender to you. I wear it as an outward expression of your ownership of me, and my unconditional commitment to our life together. I wear it not only freely, but with immense joy and respect.

jaci (jaclinames): I honour our relationship above all others, and will always strive to fulfill your needs and desires. I pledge to support you , to be there for you always, to keep your counsel and take your dreams and desires as my own.

jaci (jaclinames): I will communicate openly and honestly with you, keeping nothing from you. I will not dishonour you, in thought, or deed, nor judge or second guess your intent and ability to guide us to our highest possible goal.

jaci (jaclinames): I will wear this collar with pride, knowing that you love me, cherish me, respect me and hold me always within your arms and heart. I will love you eternally, in the silence within my soul where you reside as Master, and Anam Cara.

I promise to love, honour, respect and obey you for all time.

Tiger Zepp: "Our bond is now sealed by my locking of your collar -   and witnessed  to be so before our assembled friends … you are now fully … mine "

jaci (jaclinames): for all time, my Master.

Exchanging vows
The emotional declarations were followed by many well wishes from the crowd, after which people filed over to North Beach for a dance.

This was the first ever collaring ceremony in SL that I had ever attended, and I was really moved by the grave solemnity of the two participants and their obvious dedication to one another.

I hope I get to attend many more to come.

Ulrika Tomsen created a video for it:

And a few more pics of the ceremony:

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