Sunday, April 5, 2015

Savage Saints Rally 2015

The Savage Saints MC held their 2015 Rally from March 27-29. It was the first rally held by the club.

Linda and I had contributed to the design and development of two of the games in the event, and we had stalls for our stores as well.

I could not really join in on the festivities due to the timing, but I did manage to drop in occasionally to take pictures.

As is usual for biker events, attendance was very heavy. On the occasions that I did manage to visit, the sim was crowded with 40 or more people.

I also liked the design of the entire sim. The event was held in an open field, surrounded by the various stages and games such as the Cage of Death, Balance Beam, and Bull Riding coral. But above the open field they had placed an amazing track that swooped and circled and  wound its convoluted way above the heads of the participants.

Congrats to Ron Casson (RonRon57), Papillon Casson (Papillon Chatnoir), Jasonn Mckeenan, and all those others who made the event such a great success!

Below are some pictures I took from the event.

The rally sim from high above
The Balance Beam I helped create for the event
The Cage of Death I helped create for the event

Linda's store and mine were side by side
Serena (xurtheone) also put up her own stall
Cage of Death Competition
Lotsa dancing going on too

More dancing!

Bull riding competition

Bull riding competition

Balance Beam competition
Balance Beam competition
Balance Beam Competition


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    1. Linda and I had a great time helping you guys make the stuff. It was our pleasure! And again, that was a fantastic looking sim you had set up there, better than other rallies I had been to earlier, to be honest.