Saturday, April 25, 2015

Another quiet Saturday night

It was another quiet Saturday night in RL writing, while in SL I sat on our deck also tapping away on a virtual typewriter.  The deck juts out across the water and this is usually where Linda and I enjoy entertaining guests who come over. It's quite peaceful and beautiful there, and I always feel very relaxed as I work in RL and SL at the same time.

Later that night I joined in on an impromptu voice chat at the Star Bucks in Cafe O. Since most of the participants were slightly intoxicated by the time I got there, I mixed some ginger ale with white zinfendale (the only leftover liquor I had since i don't normally drink) and proceeded to sip at it. Lotsa fun and laughter as people took turns clicking on the truth ball, and I have to admit I was negligent in my writing while joining in the convos. We even got Ratzu (Ratzu Darkstone) in there, though he refused to touch the truth ball no matter how hard Peter (peterjackson72) tried to get him to do so, as well as a visitor who sounded and looked like Cruella Deville, complete with puppy in arm.

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