Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Attack of the Lepus!!!!

Ferocious beast scouting its next victim
I knew it! I told Linda about my new zombie insurance rice garden, and what do you know...

I was relaxing in her sandbox, listening to the soothing rush of water as it cascaded down the central fountain, when suddenly from out of nowhere I suddenly heard:

rice eatter cuttiepie: Chomp! Chomp!

I whirled, searching for the thing that was making the chomping sounds, and to my horror, found myself staring at a ferocious beast lying in wait among the ripening panicles of my rice plants! 

Evil bunny lying in ambush
I did my patented Home Alone pose, my breath coming in short gasps as I watched the ravenous creature hopping in and out of the delicate foliage of my crop.

Truly, could there be anything more savage than an attack by the lepus!!!????

Hmmmm...I'm gonna get you for this Alice...ahem...Linda....bang...zoom...to the moon!

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