Monday, February 2, 2015

New Daintree Home

We moved to a new home on 26-1-2015 in order to have direct access to open waters for the Linda Lou. We found a 1800 sqm, 740 prim parcel in Sailor's Cove South, smack dab in the middle of island rainforest.

It's a beautiful area, and Linda terraformed and decorated the parcel until it was as comfy as can be. She also upgraded her sandbox so as to make it almost like some beautiful sim, with tropical vegetation all around, and even flowing water!

When I compare the new place to my previous home, I have to admit, a woman's touch definitely makes a very big difference for the better!

A sandbox or a beautiful garden?
To the northwest of the new home is Sirens Isles, and almost directly north is the Galaxy cruise ship. Unfortunately, neither is easy to get to due to blank areas in between, and one must circle around to the northeast for a long distance, and thence head west in order to reach them.

SL or RL, she gotta have horses
I should's a beautiful area, much more so than Lorena Chung, at least in terms of exploring the surroundings using water transport. I've even rezzed a public jetski by the dock for any friends who may want to visit in future and tour the waterways that surround the island parcels.

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