Sunday, March 3, 2013

What's up lollipop?

Tweety loves to...well...tweet.

Contrary to rumors persisting on the web, I was not abducted by space aliens, nor was I languishing in the  slave pits of Gor after losing a round of poker to some panther women.

I spent the last few days in second life working on the next items from Timeless Treasures.

One of them is sitting placidly on my shoulder in the image above. Tweety is a finely-crafted bird sculpt that greets people who come close using custom messages, and can tweet happily for hours on end (until i go batty and turn sound off).
Lori's rainbow flock of sheep
The other item is a flock of colorful, really cute sheep that follow you around bleating and greeting people, with personalized messages for any who are SL friends. Lori was quite taken by them and took some cool pics that we can use for the marketplace.

The scripts that run the two items are identical, with the only difference being the sound, a 9 second bird song clip for Tweety and a 5 second bleating sound for each sheep.

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