Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Lure of the Sea

One the better things about Second Life is that it helps relieve the stress of real life for some people, instead of being a replacement for real life itself, which it shouldn't. I know some of my friends like to do Tai Chi and mingle with friends to wile the time, and it gives them peace.

I just discovered what does the same for me.

We live in the Lorena Chung Estates, which are about 7-8 sims interconnected with one another via beautiful waterways and lakes and small ponds. A few days back I noticed that you could take a boat and ply the narrow waterways between homes and parcels, though barriers and security orbs were somewhat of a threat.

I got a jetski rezzer and my friends Marie and Tinks and I discovered what fun it was to zoom through the channels at a breakneck speed, though the jerky movements of the jetskis needed constant attention.

But then I got a freebie Linden Nekka Sloop, and I fell in love with SL sailing. Instead of jerky fast movements, the sloop moved slowly and gracefully, its mass quite obvious and indifferent to the waves that slammed onto its sides.

I spent a lot of time going around the various Lorena Chung sims, watching the large homes, and hills, and waterfalls slide past, and it was like a calming balm that soothed my soul.

Here are some pics I took

Zooming past some pink flowered trees

Marie and I in front of our home. You can see the sloop parked in its dock.
Marie and I in front of a nearby waterfall.
Marie showing off her acrobatic skills
My sloop going past a much larger docked ship and the Lorena Chung Rent Control Island

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