Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Wallaby

In the Blake Sea, passed by the largest cruise ship ever!

I bought a 12 meter long MLCC Loonetta 31, a 100% mesh sailboat beauty and took her for a spin around the Blake Sea, since she's too big to ply in the shallow waters of Lorena Chung.

She's not a motorized ship, which means everything depends on the wind, and I tell you I am learning so much about sailing from this new hobby of mine. Motorized boating is pretty much the same as driving a car, but in sailing you need to keep track of the wind direction, and the angle of the sails, which changes your speed and direction with every change in degree.

In RL, i wanted a boat to sail the carribbean at one time after seeing some yachts flying Canadian flags in Puerto Vallarta of all places, but the idea got nixed by my wife (who watched Titanic lol),  so for now my SL sailing will have to do. It doesn't hurt that the sailing community in SL is one of the strongest associations in the virtual world (they forced Linden labs to set aside the Blake Sea sims for sailing and they have made sailing in SL as realistic as possible, almost like high end simulators). They also have a very busy and thriving community (composed of many yachting clubs), as you can see from the events schedule at Blake Sea.

Here's a pic of The Wallaby on a stand in my sandbox. I re-textured the name so it now says "The Wallaby" and re-textured the flag as well. I named her in honor of Marie, who's Aussie and who accompanied me as well on her maiden voyage.

Sunset pic of the superstructure...

Here's a pic of the spinnaker, and as you can see when the wind is right and i have it deployed people will be revolted by the sight of a gigantic depraved monkey rushing maniacally at them.

The detail is amazing, and all mesh, and up to 17 people can fit in (it's equipped with 17 poses distributed around the ship). I'll have more pics of the interior of the cabin later. Love it.

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