Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The birth of Timeless Treasures and The Red Rose

It is with great pleasure that I'd like to humbly announce the formation of a new store in the marketplace called Timeless Treasures, which will offer quality products at reasonable and quite affordable prices, The store will be managed by my friend Ronnie (ronhuber), and is jointly owned by Marie Monk (another scripter), Lori Novo, and myself.

Although we have big plans for the store, it started out earlier this month due to some fortuitous circumstances. I had made a sculpted red rose for my friend Marie a week or so ago, and added a couple of particle effects to it before offering it to her. She liked it so much that I decided to add more effects to it, as well as including an easier to use dialog menu that popped up when the red rose was touched by the owner.

The resulting red rose was so cool that I started thinking about selling it so more people could give their loved ones roses that actually did something, instead of simply sitting there. Unfortunately, the item did not fit well with the two stores that I had, which sold sex toys and security and rental boxes.

Marie had been thinking about starting her own store called Treasures, so I talked to her about it, and Lori as well, and we finally decided to create a new store that would hold all the miscellaneous items that didn't quite fit into the other stores, and thus was born Timeless Treasures.

 The first product in the store is the Timeless Treasures RED ROSE with Love Effects, Chat, and Pose Animation, which Lori discusses in some detail in her blog post.

The second product is one that we are just starting on, but should be finished by next week.

So stay tuned for more information about this new store, and please address any questions about the store to Ronnie (ronhuber). But please, no drooling when you meet her.

Say Hello to Timeless Treasures' New Store Manager

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