Monday, February 4, 2013

The use of voice sound clips to enhance products

Star Trek's Picard and the Depraved Monkey
We were thinking of incorporating voice sound clips in the last toy (Plumber's Revenge), but for one reason or the other never did. This time, given the more complex storyline on TUSK, I thought it would be nice to add it in.

SL restricts sound clips to 10 seconds maximum, though you can always string together clips for longer playing times.

Intstead of being directly invoked by the user using buttons on dialog menus, we envision the voice sound popping up at select intervals during particular scenes. (with the option of shutting down the sounds for people who'd rather not listen to them).

So, for example, when the hunter shoots at the mama elephant and hits it, we could have a voice pop up and say "A direct hit! Take that you monster!"

The main chore would be identifying points in the scene where voice would enhance the production, and then creating short scripts for those points.

The organ-damaging, heart-breaking TrixxyBell with her sexy cute voice will provide the clips once we've assembled the scripts, and I look forward to seeing (that is, hearing) how the clips integrate into the toy scenes. I think it'll go well, and I hope people think that too once they hear it.

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