Monday, February 11, 2013

The Matriarchy and Hunter's Run

The Phant Mask

We had been wrestling with the storyline of the Tusk project for awhile now.

We know that the hunter in the story will get his or her comeuppance, but I could not figure out how or who would exact revenge on the perpetrator of the elephant genocide.

Then I was approached by a Matriarch of a secret organization called The Matriarchy, a religious cult that has existed for millennia and patterned their culture loosely on those of Elephant societies. These warrior priestesses had vowed vengeance on humanity for its slaughter of ongoing pachyderms, and I knew then how the story would pan out.

In several days time we set up scene 2 of the elephant tale, where the hunter has been transformed into a half-elephant creature who is hunted by gun wielding hunters. In an ironic twist, the hunter now feels what Mama Elephant felt when she was being stalked, hunted, and killed.

The game, called Hunter's Run,  involves the hunter donning a Phant Mask and trying to evade the bullets of other players shooting at him or her. Each hit by a player scores one point, and the hunter needs to stay alive for a set time limit in order to gain his or her freedom and transform back into a human being.

We basically took the hunting framework from scene 1 (The Hunt) and reworked it so it used an avatar as the prey instead of an animated elephant. This took quite a lot of modifications, and is really more sophisticated than the older system, but it seems to be working fine now.

In future, we can simply use this hunting framework for other toys that involve shooting and hunting.

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