Friday, February 15, 2013

The Bounty Hunters

The Bounty Hunters (MK and Lori)

Thanks to the sweet and beautiful Lori Novo for inviting me to go bounty hunting with her. I did mistakenly shoot a pig or two in all the excitement, but we had a good old fashioned Texas barbecue after, so nothing was wasted.


Archived poem:

Into grimy gulch they rode,
their horses parched and trembling,
saddles packed with bags of gold,
beneath the sun all gleaming.

The ever gorgeous Lori Novo,
with dashing MK following,
bounty hunters from the badlands,
ill winds blow to mark their coming.

The good people of Kitty's Birthday,
run and hide when they see striding,
black boots crunching on the hay,
hunters on the scent and prowling.

Into the saloon they march,
Lori with six-shooters blazing,
MK with his trusty shotgun,
as the wenches go in hiding.

When the gun smoke clears at last,
legs and arms are all sprawling,
in the bullet-ridden bar,
bad guys by the dozens dying.

In the aftermath of battle,
gunner eyes intent and wary,
as he finishes the job,
MK counts the day's brute tally,

Oh Lori, sweet Lori,
brave lady with blazing guns of glory.
Oh MK, brave MK,
lifts his face to the dawning of another day.

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