Monday, January 7, 2013

Tusk! Revenge of The Matriarch

The poaching of elephants and rhinos and other endangered species for their ivory is one of the worst crimes against nature that is rampant in areas where these great animals roam.

This pair of tusks represents the beginning of the newest sex toy from Depraved Monkey, and involves the story of how bloody revenge was exacted against the greedy immoral poachers who killed an entire herd of phants. This will be the most depraved, the sleaziest, the bloodiest offering yet from the makers of the Fuck the Drunk Futon and Santa's Revenge.

We've had a year to hone our animation skills,  a year since the last toy to bone up on scripting, and so I hope we will be able to offer an excellent and worthwhile product.

It won't sell that many since sex toys that aren't normal beds or whatnot are a niche market, but hell we'll enjoy making it, and may even put out a limited edition version that has additional options. Seriously, who wants to put out another bed that does a gazillion standard poses that every other bed does?

Plus, it'll have tight integration with the best-selling DMH Penis and DM Pussy.

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