Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Hunt Scene finished

The Great Hunter starts The Hunt
 I pretty much completed the Hunt Scene for the Tusk project today. It was grueling work, but I'm happy with the results.

This scene sets the stage for the story, and is where the bad hunter goes and kills the Mama Elephant. I created the scene as a game, and two elephants (a Mama Elephant and Baby Elephant) are rezzed from the Tusk to start the scene.

In it you will use a so-called MK Phant Gun (lol) shooting bullets to try to bring down Mama Elephant, which will appear and disappear within a certain range, only staying in one location long enough to browse.

Every time you hit Mama Elephant you get 1 point, and it will take 20 hits to bring down the heroic creature.

You can have more than one hunter in the scene, and each hunter's hits are tallied and displayed at the very end of the hunt, so this allows people to see who can get the most points during the hunt.

There will also be a Baby Elephant in the scene which can shield the target mama Elephant on one side, and anytime you hit the baby you will be assessed a penalty of 1 point.

The MK Phant Gun and all other props (cuffs, collars, etc) and instructions can be taken by users from the Tusk Chest, which also opens and closes (surprisingly).

Next part is thinking up more scenes, and getting the voice scripts done. I also have to add more animation to the second X-rated Tusk, which is MLPV2 powered and has display, torture and fuck poses.


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