Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Let's Ride (Again!)

My bike idling in front of the previous Linda Lou Store
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...oh wait...that's Star Wars...

Well, a few years back Linda bought me a custom bike.

She's a real life biker, and I'm this island guy who's never ridden one in RL at all and thinks they're death traps, but the great thing about SL is that you can go straight up a tree in them (which Linda frequently did) and not even get your hair mussed.

Chewing up the road
I took out that old bike and drove it around the paved roads on the sim where Linda once had her store (she took it down a couple weeks back, though I've kept the rent and added a small memorial to it for now). The store is gone now, but I did thankfully give a tour of it earlier.

It felt good driving the thing.

Nowadays all my time is spent on D/s and socializing at Austin, and I've forgotten the things I used to do for fun way back when.

Back in 2014
Damn, she was really cute in that mickey mouse helmet....

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