Friday, June 23, 2017

Weird Sex Toys

As part of Weird Week, Amita and WW were holding  a Weird Sex Toy event at night.

I dropped in, and was accompanied by Meli and Dakota after Marcus had left.

The event was very heavily attended, and it was fun to see some of the weird gadgets that one can obtain and play with in SL.

I even managed to quickly demo the DM Toilet that I had made in 2012!

People who attended included:

O-girl aisha
O-girl aria
Master-O Hunter
O-girl syndra
O-girl dakota
sub-O melinda
Dom-O MK
Master-O WW
Tyro Benros
Applicant carla
O-girl sammi
Alumni xyla
Applicant angie
Master-O RB
Master-O Jon
O-girl sassy
sub-O amiata
Master-O Duke
O-girl Ivy
Dom-O Marcus
O-girl shiloh
Valet Michael

Some pics below:

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