Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Chicken Shit Bingo at Austin

This is Austin Weird Week, and I attended one of the events in the celebration called Chicken Shit Bingo, with the always cute and sexy Avril providing the lap warming.

This is actually basically bingo, but with a funny chicken (Meli in a chicken suit lol) going around on a big board "shitting" sunny side up eggs on the selected numbers. I created the egg laying animation and egg rezzing script for her, and provided the prizes for the winners. I believe Marcus created the big board.

The first session was heavily attended, and we had a good time ribbing each other as we played three games over 2 hours. The second session had a bit less people, but they managed to get in five games in two hours.

The winners in the first session were:

O-girl sage (SageWisdom Resident)

O-girl sammi (SamDelainey Resident)

O-girl cara Olivieri

The winners in the second session were:

Master-O Jonathon Carbenell - 2x

O-girl sassy Snoodle - 2x

O-girl dakota

Some pics from the first session:

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