Friday, March 4, 2016

Marcus and Melinda's Collaring Ceremony

A big thanks to Aisha Sohl for most of the images in this post.

Marcus and Melinda's Collaring Ceremony took place on Friday, February 26, 2016 at the Ceremonial Arch at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin, with Ratzu Darkstone officiating. Aqua Fearne was the helper for Melinda, and I was the stand-in for Marcus.

I attended the entire event except for the dance, and Linda managed to stay in for about half of the collaring ceremony. My little boo had  just two days earlier in voice chat mischievously warned me about getting into the wrong position and collaring or being collared by Marcus, and I have a feeling she was slightly disappointed nothing of the sort actually happened!

The celebration began with an introduction by Ratzu, where he noted that "A collaring is a promise, made in the hearts of two people who love each other. Within the circle of its love, it encompasses all of life's most important relationships."

He then invited both Marcus and Melinda to speak, and Melinda gave an emotional thank you to her Master:

In the three years and four months since I started by hiding in a tree, in a remarkable place called Austin, I have met with, spoken to, read, considered, discussed and learned from, all who were prepared to show me their dominant beliefs and their submissive paths. Yet It was only from a chance meeting, under the shade of an olive branch, that, between you and I, a tiny spark was kindled and grew into what, from today, will be an everlasting flame.

It was you, Master, who gave me what was needed for me to want to submit fully, truly and unconditionally to someone; to give everything without hesitation yet to receive, unasked for, love, laughter, amazement, excitement and inner peace. My amazing sponsor, Maitre WW, gave me the strong foundations that led to me being ready, when you came along, to want to offer everything to you.

You knew me from the first, you understood the puzzle that is me and you were prepared to take this 'unusual submissive' for your own. Knowing I would find it impossible to turn away from my place within this community here at Austin, you came to embrace it, too, which has added to the emotions that make me so very proud to become your girl.

You lead me but never push hard; you show me new boundaries but you help me to overcome them, to grow through them; you expect but never demand; you accept from me but never insist; you mould me to serve you as you wish to be served yet you allow me the freedom to be me.

For all of these I thank you and will always be naked for you because opening my soul to you, giving you my thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams….. that is being truly naked.

Thank you, my Master, for wanting me for your own. The love that has grown through the past eight months of being together is, day by day, strengthening and will never diminish today, tomorrow and always.

This was followed by Marcus' own speech about his meeting and developing relationship with Melinda:

A little over eight months ago when we first met at a place that no longer exists I could not have imagined how much you would come to mean to me..    

Whether it was fate or happenstance no-one can say, but we talked and laughed,  and even though we weren’t aware of it at the time, a bond started to form between us...

That bond has grown stronger as each day passed and now I cannot imagine my life without you being a part of it....  

I have come to know you for the caring and wonderful person that you are ;   I have seen your strengths and your weaknesses, your cheekiness and your compassion, your laughter and your sadness....

I have seen you grow and become more self-confident as I have slowly peeled away the layers to discover the Melinda that I know and adore …. 

There have been many milestones as we traveled together on our journey;  a journey not only of surprises and self-discovery but also of experiences and opportunities as you increasingly placed your trust in me. .. 

I know that it has not always been an easy road.  You have had doubts as to your own abilities and you have needed both encouragement and the time and space to allow your inner desires to surface...

It has been my delight and my privilege to help you discover the deep-seated need in you, and in so doing  I have been rewarded by seeing you blossom into the remarkable person that you have become….

As we take the next step on our journey it is with enormous pride that I stand here in front of our friends and our extended Austin family.  Today does not mark the end of our journey but merely the beginning of a new phase and wherever the road may take us we will travel it together with you by my side…. 

Aqua then escorted Melinda to the pool, where she removed the submissive's cloak, and undressed herself.

Preparing to be bathed
She then bathed Melinda in the soothing scented waters using a soapy  sponge, symbolically purifying her for Marcus and preparing her for her life in submission.

The bathing
Afterwards, they returned to the dais, where Aqua dressed and Melinda waited patiently for Marcus to place the collar on her.

Ratzu first asked Melinda "This collar is a symbol of your submission to your Master, Marcus, a symbol that you have surrendered a part of your will to another. Do you accept it?"

At her affirmation, he then turned to Marcus and asked "This collar is a symbol that you have taken responsibility for Melinda, that you will protect her, nourish her, and help her learn and grow.  Will you accept this responsibility?"

When Marcus also said yes, Ratzu instructed him to place and lock the collar on Melinda.

Waiting for the collar
As Marcus placed the collar on her, he spoke:

A collar should neither be offered nor accepted lightly, for its strength lies not in the material from which it is made but in its deep meaning.  This collar  that I hold in my hands is more than a physical manifestation of the bond that exists between us as Master and girl;  it represents my deep-seated and long-lasting commitment to you and to us... 

Here, in front of our friends and Austin family, I vow to do all that I can to be worthy not only of the the gift of submission that you have given me, but also of the trust you have placed in me....  

I vow to hold you and keep you safe; to give you the time and space when you need it to learn and to grow;  to be sensitive to your needs and your desires, and above all to always love, honour and respect you for the person you are and so I say to you ...

Submit to me Melinda Nyn.

As Melinda knelt before her Master, she replied:

I, Melinda Nyn, Amiee @ Austin, herewith submit myself to you my Master, Marcus Massaro, for as long as SL shall live. As i speak from the depth of my heart, i accept your collar, and its lock, as the outward and visible sign of my submission to you with deepest joy, proof to all that I am yours. I promise to stay with you, support you and fulfill your needs and desires as you allow. You are the center of my universe, the light of my life and I truly adore you, now and always.

Marcus then placed the collar around Melinda’s  slender neck and closed the clasp, turning the key and hearing the slight click as it was locked, then placing the key in his pocket as he looked into her eyes.

"Melinda," He intoned. "In placing this collar around your neck and claiming you for my own I do so with immense joy  and deep adoration and respect for the person I have come to know.    I will cherish always this moment and the precious gift of submission you have given me."

Melinda met his eyes, smiling, and whispered. "I am yours Master."

With this final vow, Marcus asked Aqua to help Melinda dress in her gown, and the two finally stood together as Master and submissive.

A chorus of cheers and well wishes filled the air from the huge crowd that had turned out to celebrate the occasion. Nearly 50 people had attended the event, and many stood up at that point and spoke their congratulations to both Marcus and Melinda.

The guests included:

MK, Linda, Aisha Sohl, Sage Avedon, Mari, Jonathan Carbenell, Dakota Ashford, Billy Avedon, Arie, Julie Tremont, Woland Ashford, Sweetness Whitesong, Lianne Hannu, Kurt, Fia, Liss, Forest of Azure, Lilian Howley, Screwtape, Sunni Hanni, Tish Sorbet, WW, Belle, Jaclyn, Fenrir, Dancer, Rhonda, Ulrika Tomsen, Ninee Cerise, Severus Fierenza, Aga Cisse, Jen Umaga, Kely Renfold, Rafe Allardyce, Oz Renfold, Stormy Dench, Kaer, LG, Aimee, Marq, Executive Sub, Aqua Fearne, Ratzu Darkstone, and of course Melinda and Marcus.

The crowd then walked on over to the Starry Starry night skybox, where DJ Stormy Dench provided dance music to while the next couple hours away.

I could not attend the dance, but Aisha provided some pics of the event:

And more pics from the actual ceremony:


  1. Thank you! It's wonderful to relive it all here!

  2. was my pleasure...i wish i had time to expand on it wishes to you and marcus going forward xxx