Friday, August 12, 2016

Just another Friday: Sexy maid outfits, bongs, and stinkeroos

Getting ready to hit the town with my little maid
I enjoy dressing up my little barbie doll, and so yesterday I got Linda a couple of new sundresses, as well as a maid outfit with trays for serving drinks.

She wore one of the new sundresses to the Cafe, and I loved it. It was backless all the way down to her waist, and it showed  a generous amount of side boobs.

New sundress
The maid outfit too was quite sexy, and I complemented the ensemble with a drink tray system that allowed her to curtsy and serve drinks such as coffee, tea, and champagne.

I had Linda wear the maid outfit in the cafe and try it before O-girl Fia (Fiammetta1981 Resident) and Applicant Xyla (XylaMarie Resident), and my baby girl looked quite cute moving around in the sexy outfit. 

I also told Linda I had got something for her, and she immediately burst out about getting diamonds and gold (*smh*), but unfortunately for my boo, it was a new spanking item that I had made specially for her (ahem). 

Oh, and I should also note for the record (in perpetuity!) that my baby girl conspired to AGAIN drop me into a lake while I had gone afk. 

Fortunately, I had been seated when I went afk and she could not move the chair. Big kudos to the lovely Fia and Xyla (with her angel halo), who unlike some submissives I know, are not into dropping Domly Dom Doms into stale bodies of water when they are not looking.

[09:15] Linda: someone must have walked in..he got quiet
[09:15] Fia: mmmmhmm
[09:15] Fia: either that or Hes paying attention to His alt?
[09:15] Linda: we could move his chair into the lake
[09:15] Fia: LOL
[09:15] Linda: ohhh..that is what he is doing
[09:16] Fia: i'll just sit back and watch you do that Linda...
[09:16] Linda: lol
[09:17] Fia: hehehehehe
[09:17] Linda: nuts..cant move the chair
[09:17] Linda: was just going to raise him up
[09:17] Fia: lol
[09:17] Fia: that ones owned by Master Crux...
[09:17] Fia: no wonder...
[09:18] Fia huffs
[09:18] Linda: awww man

The maid outfit
Later that day, we dropped by Austin Starbucks Voice chat for an hour, though Linda could not voice and simply text chatted and listened in.

It was the usual hodge podge of talk, 

- Ratzu discussing his computer still not being fixed (the ever-helpful Linda advised him to go to Dell and throw the PC through the window and complain to Michael Dell); 

- I confessed that my nickname was somehow pot related; 

- Linda told us she what she had been called when she was young (no, I am being merciful today and will not divulge this sad commentary on her rather pig pennish childhood); 

- we talked about Jersey Shore and other things Jerseyish; 

- bestiality in the news and Debbie Does Donkey (thanks Ratzu!); 

- Brazilian meat thingies on skewers (Linda was going out to eat tonight); 

- episodes of Lost, and cute southern guys (whereupon they made fun again of my accent when saying southern, though I'm still not sure what I'm saying wrong); 

- the Olympic games.

The talk continued after Linda had gone, though i could only stay for another 30 min, with talk again mostly about sports, then on kiwi girls and finally on video games and science fiction stories and movies.

All in all, it was another fun Friday.

Attendees to the voice chat while I was there included (sorry if I miss you as I'm just going by text chat names):

O-girl Aisha Sohl
O-girl Aqua Fearne
O-girl Avril (Avril Aura)
BeccaCatherine (BeccaCath Resident)
O-girl Belle (Darlingbelle Resident)
Dom-O Billy Avedon (BillyEagle Avedon)
Cata Charisma
Master Duke (Duke xxl)
Applicant laila (lelie Baxton)
Habitue Linda Burnstein-King (lb Burnstein)
Dom-O Marcus (MarcusMassaro Resident)
sub-O Melinda Nyn
Dom-O MK (monkeyking2011)
Master Ratzu Darkstone
Master RB (RB Quan)
O-girl Sage Avedon (SageWisdom Resident)
Alumni Shiloh (Shiloh Kranfel)
Dom-O Tiger Zepp
sefa Perl
Applicant xyla (XylaMarie Resident)

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