Monday, August 22, 2016

That sweater!!!!!

The USC Song Girls are probably the best known and most celebrated college football cheerleaders out there.

One of the most recognizable things about these girls is that they frequently wear very tight white sweaters, which instead of hiding their sexuality, actually somehow enhances it.

I had gotten Linda a fisherman's sweater (with color HUD changer) because of a trip she would be taking. My baby girl gets cold rather quickly, and I wanted to keep her warm, but I soon found myself staring at her as she rocked the outfit.

I found that the combination of innocence and vague sexuality (as suggested by the quite visible swell of her bosom) inherent in the sweater attracted me very strongly, perhaps similar to the effect 1950s outfits have on me. The need to defile this object of my lust, to subject her to my attentions, was almost unbearable.

ps. I am of course talking about Linda, not the Song Girls lol...I'm not THAT much of a D.O.M.

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