Friday, August 19, 2016

Dance classes for Second Life

The very talented Fia (Fiammetta1981 Resident) has been giving lessons on dancing in SL every Wednesday at 1 SLT for the last 3 weeks.

Linda and I try to attend the classes because Fia (like all the other O-girls) is absolutely superb when it comes to emoting and describing intricate motions in SL.

Obviously, we are not alone in thinking this because we usually get a crowd in the Austin Speakeasy where the classes take place.

I was especially interested in several Gorean dances like the Whip Dance, and we'll all get to put what we learned in the class when we create our own dances.

The steps would be:

1. Thinking about the overall style of the dance

2. Finding anims and HUDs in the MP that would be similar to the style you are thinking about

3. Creating the emotes and descriptive narrative that would accompany the dance

4. Practicing, practicing, practicing.

I think it'll be a blast.

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