Friday, August 19, 2016

Major changes to Austin Angel Hunt (HUD and moveable statues)

A couple of developments in the Austin Angel Hunt game from Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday night I had Fia do a test run of an Angel hidden in the sim, and she did a great job, though she mentioned there was some lag when she got to the statue and started it.

The next day, I placed Linda in full gear and had her run tests on two different Angels in two different parts of the sim. The gear did not allow her to run or jump, but my baby girl surprised the hell out of me and snagged run times that were pretty freaking unbelievable.

Based on the tests so far, I made a major change to the control side of the statues.

Each statue is 7 prims large, and having multiple statues hidden all over the sim would (I thought) place an undue burden on it, so I created a system where one single statue could be moved easily from one pre-set location to another using a HUD that the owner would wear. This way, the owner could have a girl(s) run to one location, then switch it to another location via the HUD in the comfort of his lounge chair at the Cafe.

I was going to add a scoreboard system that displayed the fastest times, but Linda mentioned some potential problems with this, and I agreed and deferred that feature for now.

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