Friday, July 24, 2015

Billy and Sage's Beach Bash on 7/23/2015

I attended a beach party hosted by Billy and Sage Avedon in a beautifully-appointed sim called Tranquil Tiki Island, where they have a beach house. The owners of the sim, Wim Metty and Anne Buscayle were kind enough to set up a seaside dock as the venue.

I have to admit, the scenery was beautiful, as I've always been a fan of tropical beach settings, and  DJ Dee (Diana Wolfe) provided awesome music to complete the ensemble.

                Beautiful Tranquil Tiki island
The moment I arrived, Sage gave me a lei, which looked quite fetching on me. I may be domly, but that doesn't mean I can't look...hmmm...flowery...while practicing my craft!

Billy and Sage also made sure the bar was well stocked, another big plus, which later caused quite a few people to become tipsy. Thank heavens Linda was not there or she might have gone above her two beer maximum and in a drunken stupor perhaps even (horror of horrors!) taken out her ukelele to belt out a raucous song that would (in her own words!) "make even cats cry".

But since Linda could not come due to RL, I drafted my store manager alt Ronnie (ronhuber) to act as my dance partner, though she proved rather clumsy, and I ended up getting my toes stepped on quite a bit.

Melinda Nyn later came in with Marcus Massaro. In addition, some of the other guests present included Crux Maximus, Dakota, Tiger Zepp, Arie Sewell, Mari Carducci, Damion (Cyberdami) and Lilian Howley.

It was a fun time for all, with jokes flying all over and the drinks flowing freely. I managed to stay for almost the full two hours of the party, and only had to leave because it was time to go home.

Thanks to Billy and Sage again for a great party! Here's to more drunken celebrations in the future!

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