Friday, July 10, 2015

Happy First Year Anniversary to my Boo!

Next week marks the first year of our time together....a year when we've been seeing each other almost every day

It's weird, but I can still remember vividly that day on July 16 of last year when I met Linda at The Chamber.

I was bored and doing my piano gig while working in RL.

As was usual, I was perving the profiles of a few people (both men and women...I wasn't looking for love, or even a little slex) who were at least moderately interesting, when I spotted a girl standing near the terrace doors who was wearing a blindingly bright orange outfit.

I almost, almost (!),  passed over her, but I figured I might as well say something about the outfit. Plus, her avi had a regular name and a full profile, which are big big pluses in my mind.

Little did I know I was going to get hitched that very day.

MK: Your outfit nearly blinded me when I popped in ;-)  Cool orange!

Linda: Ohh are gonna need sunglasses

MK: Ma'am, I wear sunglasses all the time. I've been mistaken for Corey Hart at times.

Linda: Nice looking man

Linda: I get mistaken for Kellie Pickler...dont think it's a

MK: That's what lots of lindens will get you ha ha. No, let me correct that...that's what some lindens will get you AND an eye for looking like Keannu Reaves.

MK: *runs to google*

Linda: laughsss

MK: Va va va voom!!!!

Linda: Lots of lindens got me great boobs too...gotta love the adjust buttons.

MK: Let me see that outfit again...*clicks zoom*

Linda: Ohh i thought you meant RL.

MK: *ohh i thought you meant RL* you look like her in RL? Will you marry me?

Linda: Yes i will marry you!!!

MK: Well, that line HAD to work someday. Yay!

Linda: Are you rich and old?

MK: Old is a relative term. Rich too. Give me parameters.

Linda: laughssss

The conversation went on for some time, and it was immediately obvious to me that Linda was a smart, and quite funny girl. She walked over to the piano to watch me play, and before we parted friended me.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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