Sunday, July 26, 2015

Racing the Linda Lou

For the first time in weeks I took the Linda Lou out for a spin, sailing north at a fast clip from our home in Sailors Cove South, through the Spoondrift Narrows and then turning west after Horseshoe Park to go past Santa Catalina Island then southwest to moor at Sirens Isle.

On the way up I passed (and almost rammed!) another fast boat manned by Keliani, who was kind enough to accept my apologies for doing the sailing equivalent of street racing.

I moored in my usual spot, on the northern end of the chain, then rested on one of the outside seats to watch the passing traffic.

Sirens Isle itself had changed slightly, and not for the better in my opinion. The arrangement of land seemed more open, and less embracing than it used to be. although the crashed plan was still there.

But it was still a popular resting stop for passing sailors, who moored in its relatively sheltered waters after a long journey.

Interestingly enough, I think i was even privy to an unusual pick up attempt, with one man sidling over to a moored boat with a female captain and sunning himself while she did the same only a few meters away.

Alas, the woman left abruptly, and I could almost feel sad for the man as he raised sail and slowly moved on to the next island stop.

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