Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rozku's GIS Event at Crepax Gallery

Linda and I managed to catch the last part of Rozku's GIS Event at Cafe O on July 2, 2015, a voice reading of selections from The Story of O read by several different people, where the venue was nicely decorated with comic book scenes done by Guido Crepax, a renowned graphic illustrator.

The voice presentations were done by Avril Aura, Rozku, Tiger Zepp, and Melinda Nyn. I missed out on hearing Tiger's and Avril's parts, but did manage to catch Meli's narration in her low sultry British voice, as well as Rozku's European-accented rendition of the seminal work by writer Anne Desclos (writing under the name Pauline Réage).

Avril Aura reading

Tiger Zepp reading

Melinda Nyn reading

Rozku reading

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