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The Austin Revue Players and "A Short History of D/s & Love Through Time" at Austin's Speakeasy Theater

Full credits and cast at the end of post.

The Austin Revue Players held their second presentation called A Valentine's Day Show featuring "A Short History of D/s & Love Through Time" at Austin's Speakeasy Theater on February 13 and February 22. I was not able to attend the first show, but did manage to sneak in near the end of the second show.

Encore Show on February 15
As always, I was impressed by the venue, Austin's Speakeasy Theater, which can be reached by going down some steep stairs that are located near the sim's outdoor discussion area, is a two tier structure that absolutely radiates elegance and refinement.

The Speakeasy Theater during a downtime
The theater has working pool tables at both levels, as well as a roaring fireplace behind the balcony seats, and the plush green chairs below at the orchestra level are comfy and large (though I've never found a sitting pose that I really liked in them).

Linda and I settle in for the show
The show itself was a departure from the last presentation in that it was composed of a series of vignettes that detailed the history of D/s through the ages. This gave a feeling of greater variety for the audience, though perhaps at the expense of a deeper connection with the various characters in the play.

I was curious about this change and asked Crux Maximus, the lead organizer for the show, about this decision on the structure of the play and how future presentations would be done, and he noted that:

I decided to make a smaller, less demanding show because "Her Christmas Gift" was just exceedingly complex. It was a great "BANG!" we're here kind of statement, but not the kind of thing to be taken on lightly. The idea is to do 3, maybe 4, of those big "plays" per year with lighter apertifs (Vday-like shows) mingled in. There's a variety / talent show in the works too which you'll hear more about soon.

As far as degree of difficulty... the four scenes here comprising "short history of D/s & love through time," for me, represented a bit of a vacation from the enormity of creating 11 scenes with movement et al as in the first "play." So in that sense, it was less mentally taxing to do four than 11 full scenes with a story arc.

The first scene in the presentation is a journey back in time to visit with those that made it all possible. In it, the Earth Goddess Og (Dani/Naughty Glimmer) mentors Ba bal (Crux), a new shaman, on the ways of lifting a child-carrier (Dakota0therbee) to new heights, while forming bonds that make each more useful. He does this by tying her to a frame then exploring her body in such a way that makes her cry out "take me higher father! Let me see the fire!"

The word "hole" is also mentioned quite a few times ;-)

The next scene is a dance number, with the girls (Naughty Glimmer, Ulrika Tomsen, SageWisdom, Sassy Snoodle, Dakota0therbee, AisleyRansom) swaying and jiggling to Beyonce's "Naughty Girls" and Crux playing the piano. I'm sure quite a few of the audience members were entranced, as there's nothing quite like watching a beautiful sexy girl who sucks one fingertip into her mouth and pulls it out slowly gliding it down her throat -- down down down to the valley of her cleavage.

A doctor (Crux) and a nurse (Dakota) get it on in the third scene, while some girls (SageWisdom, Reni (Serenity Streusel), Sassy Snoodle) continue the sexy dancing with Robert Palmer's Addicted To Love...and what red blooded man can resist the robotic sexiness of the carefully rouged dancers in that music video?

I do have to wonder though what the patient (Letty - skarletterose) was thinking as the doctor and nurse started panting after each other with insinuations such as "I could do some major labia on her for sure....." and "I have a sudden urge to get into ear nose & throat specialties....or olde anal probe?"

A threesome perhaps?

The repartee continues in the fourth scene, when a lord (Crux) meets a "cuntry" girl selling flowers (Reni/Dakota) on his way to Canterbury. They then indulge in some serious innuendos, with the lord asking "Can you shine a belt buckle til it fairly glows?"and the girl later noting that "my garden, my Lord, is always well watered and flourishing."

The girl then dances for him to show her heart, and the scene ends with the lord telling her to kneel before her new Master, perhaps setting a new world record for the time between meeting and "collaring".

The hot and heavy insinuations are replaced by more direct overtures in the fifth scene as some sexy gals show their stuff and encourage each other, asking the men "lets play a love game, do you want love, or do want fame?"

There is much thrusting of breasts, wiggling of butts, and licking of lips, not to mention lots of shimmying and shaking. All in all, a wonderful interlude for the audience.

There is no denying that the sixth scene is pretty hot, as it's an intimate look at what your neighbors across the way just might doing while you're parked in front of the boob tube watching Geraldo find absolutely nothing in Al Capone's vault (yes, yes, that was a reference to some 1980s stunt show for all the youngsters out there).

In the scene, a suburban couple (Crux and Cara Olivieri/Dani) share an intimate moment at home after a busy day and nice evening, with said intimate moment involving lots of flogging right in front of a window.

We move from the 1980s to the 1950s as Ol' Blue Eyes himself stages a comeback - or at least provides background to two girls (Naughty Glimmer and Sage Wisdom/Sassy Snoodle) as they dance the day away to his tune "Fly me to the moon", which to be honest I haven't heard since I was a wee lad in the 1970s and poring over my grandfather's music collection.

I liked the next scene a lot, because in it Dakota, a Girl in Study at Austin, shared her thoughts about her submission via a poem she wrote. It brought the house down.

A girl
Needing to break out
Find a place a new place
Vines from the old
Ensnaring her feet
Reaching out, to you Austin
So close
With freedom still out of reach
From the inside out
Stretching her skin
Burning her inside
Taking a step
To Y/you
Finding the vine
Was never round her feet
Was only in her mind
All this time
All this time
All this time
She was free

Never let it be said that the Austin Revue ladies (Naughty Glimmer, SageWisdom, Dakota (dakota0therbee) & AisleyRansom) don't know what is really important in life. Yes, I'm talking about them dreaming about all sorts of sweet and sticky sugar-coated lips, and gooey centers, and sweet cherries, and where the hell their candyman is at.....

Yep, we're back in allusion city ;-)

The tenth and final scene featured some special effects that really got the audience's attention. In it, the earthling Major Cum (Crux) and Cyborg-human hybrid Machinamama (Dakota) have been isolated in a spaceship close to Uranus for five years now (perhaps a reference to the 5 year mission of the starship Enterprise in Star Trek), and Major Cum is going quite literally bonkers due to his attraction to the always logical cyborg, though the two ultimately get their groove on and he is propelled into space by her machined vjj to propagate and produce more BDSM for the universe.

I particularly like the tie in to the first scene, when the cyborg exclaims "welcome back, Major Cum........ it's gummmmmmm to see you.... ", which calls back the advice of the Earth Goddess Og in the first scene, when she pushes the two primitive lovers together and says "gum".

The cast takes a well-deserved bow
I thought the Revue did a spectacular job on the settings, and especially the costumes this time, and from what I understand this was more of a group effort, where many people chipped in to produce the final version....a commendable team effort. Crux himself notes that "we're moving like a troupe now. It brings tears to my eyes to say it but from an insecure, frightened group two months ago, we're now a team that can pound our marks and deliver the scene on time and with great emotional import. I had moments... glimpses of a sublime team joining to form a machine during the encore performance. Awesome to see emerge, and it will be so gratifying to watch going forward."

I'll note in closing that dances and discussions are fairly routine events in Second Life, so I am always happy and excited to see unique spectacles like this being offered in the grid.

Bravo Austin Revue! Bravo!

Cast and Credits

Authors and Costumes:                

Act 1 - First mentors: CM, Naughty, Crux, Dakota
Act 2 - Naughty Girls - Naughty, - company emotes   Naughty
Act 3 - Lovesick - Dakota / CM - company emotes
Act 4 - A Cuntry Tale - CM, Isabellachristmas  CM
Act 5 - Love Game - Naughty, company emotes - Naughty
Act 6 - Fireflies & Floggers - daniela.mcginnis, cara Olivera, CM - birthday suits!
Act 7 - Fly me to the moon - Naughty, company emotes - Naughty
Act 8 - Pouring Out - Dakota  
Act 9 - Candy Man - Naughty, company emotes - Naughty
Act 10 - "The Final VJJ!" - Dakota, CM

Choreography / Movement:

Naughty did her sets and choreography;  I did the "Short History" sets and choreography, as well as the sets and movers for Dakota's "Lovesick" and "Pouring Out."

Stormy Dench was the DJ both times and boy is that nice! Nothing moves without a DJ.

Act 1: The First Mentors
Music: Whispers
Cast: Crux Maximus, Dakota (Dakota0therbee), and "the Shaman / Earth Goddess" Dani/Naughty Glimmer

Act 2: Naughty girls
Music: Beyonce's "Naughty Girls"
Cast: Naughty Glimmer,Ulrika Tomsen, SageWisdom, Sassy Snoodle, Dakota0therbee, AisleyRansom, Crux Maximus

Act 3: Act name:  Lovesick
Music: Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love
Cast: Dakota (Dakota0therbee), Crux, Letty (skarletterose), SageWisdom, Reni (Serenity Streusel), Sassy Snoodle

Act 4: A Cuntry Tale
Vox Vulgaris - La Suite Meurtriere
Cast: Crux and Dakota (dakota0therbee)/Reni (Serenity Streusel)

Act 5: Love Game
Love Game - Lady Gaga
Cast: Naughty Glimmer, AisleyRansom, SageWisdom, Dakota (dakota0therbee), Letty (SkarletteRose) , Ulrika Tomsen & Sassy Snoodle, WillTitus Resident

Act 6: Floggers & Fireflies
Music: Monkey Man (Rolling Stones)
Cast: Crux and Cara Olivieri/Dani at window

Act 7: Fly me to the moon
song: fly me to the moon by frank sinatra
Cast: Naughty Glimmer, Sage Wisdom, Sassy Snoodle

Act 8: Act name:  Pouring Out
Music: Matt McAndrew - Make It Rain - Studio Version
Cast: Dakota (dakota0therbee)

Act 9: Candy Man
Music:Candyman by Cristina Aguilera
cast: Naughty Glimmer, SageWisdom, Dakota (dakota0therbee) & AisleyRansom

Act 10: Space! The final VJJ!
Music: 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY - 04 The Blue Danube
Cast: Crux and Dakota

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