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The Speakeasy @ Austin and Austin Revue In "Her Christmas Gift"

Thanks to my girl Linda for some images, and to the ever resourceful Melinda Nyn for help with the story line. Full cast and crew information listed below, subject to updates.

I confess that I didn't know what to expect when I dropped in for a while to see the play at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin on the night of December 26. I knew that the regulars at the sim had been practicing diligently and regularly for it, but I had never watched such a presentation in second life before. I sat myself down on one of the comfortable green chairs and looked up, and what a wonderful sight greeted my eyes!

The thick curtains parted slowly, and there before the audience was a lushly appointed scene, with background textures complementing various on stage props, the entire production speaking volumes about the attention to detail and planning of the members of the crew.

The original play was written by Austin regular Crux Maximus, and it explored a couple's desire to please each other by sharing a very special gift. It is composed of three acts, each of which has up to six different scenes and their accompanying music, so the degree of complexity in terms of its production was not trivial.

The story opens with Charlie (Crux) and his wife Rose (Orchid Zsun) on their Hawaiian vacation a few days before Christmas, discussing whether or not to explore the D/s lifestyle. Rose is somewhat reluctant about it, but Charlie convinces her to dance in the nude publicly for him, and she suddenly feels something deep within her that responds strongly to the act of acceding to his demands.

Then on the flight back home, Charlie brings her to the lavatory, where he pins her against the wall and makes her orgasm for him, grinding against her and nipping her neck, while the passengers outside go on blithely on their little chores and errands.

Lavatory Action on Flight 007
Sometime later the two relax in a friend's home. As Rose and her friend Birdie (Sweetness Whitestone/Sozome/Sagewisdom) wrap packages, Charlie talks to Birdie's husband Paul (Billy Avedon/WillTitus) about their newly-discovered love for D/s. Paul approves, and invites them to go to a place called Club 763, which will be holding a "Seasonal Debauchery Event". Charlie agrees, and the date is set.

At Paul and Birdie's Mountain Home
At Paul and Birdie's Mountain Home
The scene then cuts to a number with mannequin dancers, who come alive and are chased and spanked by a Santa (Worldwide Pedalo) and Elf (Billy Avedon/Arie Sewell), all done to the beat of Madonna's Hanky Panky, before switching to a male strip club. There Rose confides to Birdie that she had dreamed about the mannequins coming alive and happily being spanked, and Birdie tells her this must mean she has hidden desires about BDSM.

Male Strip Club
When the curtains next open, the audience is shown the dark catacomb-like interior of Club 763, where women have been laid out and bound and are being whipped and spanked by their partners.

Club 763
Charlie leads his wife to each of the various stations, where she sees and hears the agony and sexual pleasures that consume the women in thrall to their  captors. Even her friend Birdie is part of the wanton proceedings, and Rose is visibly affected by it all.

Later that night, in their bedroom, Rose mulls over what she had seen and felt, and finally realizes her destiny.

i give myself i trust you .. i give the world to you standing at the end of the bed as i start to slide out of my dressing gown feeling it caress my body as it flows to the ground in a whisper exposing me as much as i feel exposed inside...slipping to the floor on my knees as i do give the world of me to you remembering tonight .... how it felt ... to kneel at your feet as i kneel again now on our bedroom floor feeling the soft rug on my naked knees and how good it feels to be like this as a warmth comes up through my body

And so saying she becomes his, and as the New Year comes upon them, the couple, with Rose now newly-collared, is introduced to the club by Paul. Rose is giddy with happiness at finally embracing this new life.

It is at this point that the play ends, and the entire company then gives a rousing finale of Auld Lang Syne at the airport.

The final bow
Needless to say, I have nothing but praise for the production, which is the first for the newly-formed Austin Revue. The set designs were superb, the story engaging and very much in line with the spirit of the Cafe O sim, and the actors did their parts well and with passion.

The play run twice, on December 26, 2014, and then once again on January 10, 2015, and both times the crowd was large and boisterous in between acts and scenes, their thunderous applause echoing in the elegantly appointed Speakeasy room at Cafe O.

Meli, Linda, and myself enjoying the show
I can only imagine with great anticipation the future endeavors of this company, and I look forward to once again sitting myself in the plush seats and gladly entering the world that they so skillfully create.

The audience watches raptly


Charlie: Crux Maximus

Rose: Orchid Zsun

Birdie: Sweetness Whitestone, Sozome, Sagewisdom

Paul: Billy Avedon, WillTitus

Santa: Worldwide Pedalo

Elf: Billy Avedon, Arie Sewell

Company: WW, Willtitus, Arie Sewell, Billy (billyeagle.avedon), Liam Vanbeeck, Sweetness Whitesong, Naughty Glimmer, lilian.howley, Daydawn Cale, marion fadlan, mari.carducci, Sagewisdom, Dakợta (dakota0therbee), Lucy Quinnღ (harleyquinn1991, Lια Ðeהïmøяe (naharlia), SkarletteRose, Reni (serenity.streusel), Diane Night (princessdi45), Lyrah Lane, Tish Sorbet, Ravija, Jube.

Master of Ceremonies: Ratzu Darkstone

DJs: Jonathon Carbenell, Pᾄἶͷłℌøℛʂℰ ʛɾȃƴȿℳαяƙ (painthorse.graysmark), Arie Sewell, Ulrika

Writer, Producer, Director, Set Design: Crux Maximus

Additional dialog: Orchid Zsun, Sweetness Whitesong, Daydawn Cale, Sagewisdom, Lια Ðeהïmøяe (naharlia), Dakợta (dakota0therbee), Naughty Glimmer and Ravija.

Costumes & Skins: Orchid Zsun

Speakeasy Ambiance: Naughty Glimmer

Gestures: lilian howley

Theater Construction: Ratzu Darkstone

* due to the nature of RL interfering with our SL, exact assignations for parts played is always in flux. This may result in unexpected absences at show time. Don't be surprised if you get an IM asking you to leave your comfy theater seat to fill in for an absent player. :-))

Our sincere thanks and a tip of the hat to any and all we may have missed in this list. Thank you to everyone for your support!

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