Saturday, March 28, 2015

Heaven and Hell Dance at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin

Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin held an Heaven and Hell Dance on 2015-3-27.

I upgraded my outfit from the last angels and demons dance by adding rams horns and large demon hands, while my Linda was dressed in a sexy open-midriff white gown with fragile angel wings and a halo.

Poster about Dance. I do have a cute butt!
Two sessions were held during the day, with Melinda Nyn and Aria Vyper (Mili) hosting the events and DJ Abby (Nightgirl Destiny) and DJ Stormy Dench providing the music.

Borg Cube above Austin
The venue was a platform constructed high above the turrets and castles of Austin by Melinda and Aria. As was the case earlier at The Olive Branch event, it looked remarkably like a Borg Cube, with the bluish heaven on top, and the flame-tinged hell below.

Staircase between floors

The two halves of the cube were separated by a translucent floor, and passage between the floors was provided by a glassy staircase to one side.

Heaven and Hell
I attended the first dance at 1 SLT, and the the event itself was awesome. Yes, I do know I sound like some California dude high on surf, but the music was cool and the talk was funny, loud, and continuous.

Most of the dancers concentrated in the heavenly part for the first hour, but our natural tendencies drove us deep into the bowels of hell for the last part of the dance. Matching her songs to our predilections, DJ Abby spent the first hour mixing heavenly songs like Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven", then switched to songs that catered more to the damned, like "Devil Woman" by Cliff Richards.

It's hot down here!!!!
I'll have to say I really do prefer the scenery down below. Puffy white clouds and heavenly angels carousing in a deep blue sky keep me calm and tranquil, but the roaring flames that enveloped the floor below got my blood up and running, and  having the delectably delicious Linda in my arms gave an added heat to the festivities.

The damned dancing in the pits of fiery Hell!
Thanks to Melinda, Aria, and the DJs, as well as all the attendees for creating such a fun and sexy afternoon!

More pics below. If you see yourself in one of the pics and would like to be identified, please send me an IM.

If you took pics of the event and would like them to be included here, please IM me as well.

eGoes Alter and Melinda Nyn

Hunter Teodosio and Aria Vyper

Billy Avedon and Sage (SageWisdom)

WW (Worldwide Pedalo) and Melinda Nyn

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