Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Lounging in the Wallaby at the cusp of a new year
Happy New Year to all second lifers out there! May the coming months bring you joy, and at the same time, may you yourself actively spread happiness to those around you.

The turn of the year for me is not only a time to look forward to the coming year, but also a time to reflect on what's come to pass.

For our second life stores it has been a busy one.

Timeless Treasures came into being earlier in the year, along with all the cool products that were created for it. In the meantime, Lemur Sensors continued to upgrade the rental box system, adding new features (such as daily rentals),that has made it into one of the more advanced offerings out there, while at the same time re-releasing the personal monitors to catch cheating partners. Finally, the Depraved Monkey released the Tusk sex toy, as well as the Angel Hunt game and the new BDSM Pussy.

All in all, we're pretty satisfied with how things went during the year. We even opened our first inworld store, although to be honest more could probably be done to make it more attractive to customers.

Going forward, our first priority is to get the Zombie Hunt out the door, followed by upgrades to the BDSM Pussy.

So, here's looking forward to all the good things to come in the new year. May your days be merry and your nights always kinky.

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