Thursday, December 19, 2013

Geeky Meme

Ah yes, another meme from Singh....let's make this fast.

1. What do you consider yourself to be? Geek? Nerd? Dork? None of the above? All of the above?


2. What was the first computer you ever owned? 

Apple in the early 1980s. Programmed on it too. Now I'm a windows/android guy.

3. When and how did you first get on the internet?

I was in graduate school, and they gave us access to email and internet. At the time, the main draw was to look for sex pics...oh wait...nothing has changed.

4. Which geek fandom do you subscribe to?

I used to read Star Trek when I was a kid, and I like the concept of Jedi because it was derived from philosophies that I subscribe to...

5. Star Trek or Star Wars?

I like both for different reasons.

6. How Geeky Are You? 

84%, I guess I guessed right ;-)

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