Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Delicious chocolate market segment


When we first came into SL, one of our neighbors was an avatar that was decidedly african in features. She was a nice girl who introduced us to our first SL prim babies.

Since that time I don't believe I've ever met any other avatar that was female and black, though there are certainly a lot of  brownish avatars running around the sims, and quite a number of black male avatars as well.

SL is a curious place because in the end anyone can tailor their appearance to be whatever they would like it to be. Since blacks make up 12% of the population in the USA, shouldn't at least 12% of the female avis I see be black (though perhaps diluted by avis from other countries with less african populations)?

Then I found an article that talked about a chocolata avi, and I thought it did justice to showing the beauty of african females, and that was a pretty refreshing change, especially in a virtual world where it turns out racism can still exist.

This got me thinking about whether there are any products that could be targeted specifically to this market, although in the end I decided pretty much all the products I offered (including the pussy items) were all inclusive of all types of human forms (the pussy color and texture can be altered using the EDIT function of viewers).

I like the label "delicious chocolate" though, and I like focusing on a market segment that normally people don't seem to care about, so who knows, maybe we'll figure out a way to use this for some targeted market items, which would be a first from the Depraved Monkey or Timeless Treasures.

UPDATED: After passing it through a couple of people of African descent and finding out such a moniker is borderline at best, it looks like I will skip on the name. Some people found it objectionable enough that i even got booted out of a group by the admin. Oh well. In my defense, I was using it as a term of appreciation and nothing else and was sincerely trying to make sure it wasn't offensive. Lesson learned, case closed.

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