Friday, March 11, 2016

Monkey Temple

I was at Inspire Space Park and by chance looked at the profile picks of one guy there. He had a pick called "Monkey Temple", and the name so intrigued me that I immediately TPed over to the sim.

I was greeted by a large blocky building, with steps going up along one side, while in the distance I glimpsed the silhouette  of what looked to be an immense banyan tree.

I climbed the steps, and found an enclosed room in the center of the floor. Inside, two beautiful flowers flanked a rather curious sight. It was a monkey sitting in front of a television set, and flashing on the screen were the words "I Love You"!

Around this enclosed room, the walls were decorated by statuary, all of them with some simian symbolism.

It reminded me of Hindu temples, with their emphasis on the sanctity of certain animals.

There were also a few monkeys clustered along the low balcony walls, with the huge banyan tree in the yard below as a backdrop.

More monkeys were playing on the grounds below.

But much more disturbing was the decayed and rotting carcass of a long dead tree that had skulls lodged deep into the central hollow!

I have never been the type who regularly explores SL sims, and this was definitely one adventure that had come up quite unexpectedly, but I left the Monkey Temple feeling that I had found something quite unique and mysterious. What was the meaning of the monkey riveted to the TV that was repeatedly flashing 'I love you'? Who had  stuffed the hollow tree trunk with human skeletal remains?

Here's to more unexpected journeys of discovery in the future!

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