Saturday, March 12, 2016

Cafe Voice Chats Galore and Sideboobs

It was a week for voice chatting.

We had the usual voice chat on Tuesday (March 9) at the Austin Starbucks of course, and that was a blast. I told everyone how good Linda was at making different sounds (she had made surprisingly good beer can popping and meat cooking sounds earlier during the day when we were talking), and she suddenly asked why I was "smoking up her butt", and was there something that I wanted from her! I did not know what it meant, but it did give me new inspiration for playtime, and elicited a lot of nervous giggles from my mischievous subbie lol.

The crowd teased me about being a "bottom" when I noted how the Habitue were in the lowest rung of the Austin ladder, and we also talked about Linda being a Geisha Cowgirl. This prompted conversation about various foods from China (with everyone eeeewwwing when I told them how I loved jellyfish), before segueing to ringtones when Linda's phone suddenly played a movie theme song!

On Wednesday, we had a series of impromptu voice chats at the Cafe itself. In the morning, we met Screwtape (Screwtape Foulsbane), Marion Fadlan, and Lenthe (Ardoc Resident) at the Cafe and talked about blue bonnet flowers in Texas, as well as grandma fetishes (eewwww) .

Later that afternoon, a lot more people had gathered at the Cafe and talk swirled around a new "bare butt" contest that was announced near the Austin Tales room.

Images of some really scary and funny looking butts were passed around and displayed on a flat prim, and Linda managed to pick one particular pic (showing a rather curvaceous butt and lots and lots of donuts in the background) to submit.

The rush to confiscate my Master card continued as well, with Linda at one point exclaiming "Hi Master! You big silly goose!", and saying that she wanted to "reach up and squeeze your little cheeks!" (ahem! I say...ahem!)

When I protested that I might turn in my Master card because of this assault on my Masterhood, instead of sympathy I had Sage lining up the girls to see whether they could use the card, plus other assorted cards I might have...and the last nail in its coffin happened when I mentioned a threat to my credit rating, and Linda promptly said bad credit was a deal breaker for her! *shakes my head sadly*

People who were there included:

MK, Linda, Melinda Nyn, Marcus Massaro, Screwtape, Reni (Serenity Streussel), Sage (Sagewisdom), Billy Avedon, Aisha Sohl, Lenthe, Fia (fiammetta1981) - if I missed anyone just tell me about it as it was in voice and I have no text record of the chatting.

Thursday was  a bit more quiet.

We had local chat in text during the morning with Screwtape, Lenthe, and two newcomers to Austin. Linda wore an incredibly sexy shirt with great sideboobs (courtesy of an LM Avril had given me when we complimented her sideboobs during the Tuesday voice chat), and we talked about Austin training and how Screwtape and Lenthe's application assignments were going. In the afternoon, we had a small voice chat going with Aisha Sohl in the Cafe, the topics being mostly serious ones.

All in all, it was a fun and interesting week for Linda and me, and I look forward to more fun times with the Cafe crew in future.

And finally, in commemoration of great sideboobs, some other past pics of my baby girl wearing outfits I either bought her or told her to wear because I love sideboobs and backless outfits.


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