Saturday, February 7, 2015

Six Year Rez Day party for Billy Avedon at Cafe O

Billy and his lovely Sage
Sage (Sagewisdom) threw a surprise rez day party for her Master, Billy Avedon (billyeagle avedon) at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin, with the theme being 18th century European, and the DJ being Paint (painthorse.graysmark).

I showed up in a mixed and matched Sultan outfit, while my Linda came in a beautiful billowing pearl gown that to my eyes seemed to be created out of feathers, and matched well with the similarly colored feathers that emerged out of my own costume.

Dancing with Linda
She also had a matching fan, with which she whacked me several times while we whirled around the gorgeously furnished and decorated dance room. Fortunately, I was so entranced by her that I barely noticed the repeated assaults on my person ;-)

Dancing with Melinda Nyn
In the end, the setting was amazing, the dancers all beautifully attired and coiffed, and the music fantastic. Thanks to Sage for the great time and many laughs we had at the dance, and Happy Rez Day again to Billy!

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