Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Creative Linda

The Balance Beam that I scripted needed some finishing touches, so as part of her weekly assignment I had my girl Linda design, develop, and implement two items that would complete the system. I gave her  a general idea of the purpose of the items, and she immediately got to work Monday on both.

The function of the first item is to give out a wearable prim that riders would need to wear when doing the ride. This first item would also double as a registration and start signaller.

Item Giver and Start Signaller
When I came in later during the day, Linda had already completed the first item, and I was literally floored when I first saw it.

She had created a pile of tires, with one tire bearing a colorful picture of a girl and a bike, and the words "Balance Beam" and "Live to Ride" emblazoned on the image. Above the pile of tires, two checkered black and white flags waved in the breeze, and she also gave me textures for red and green checkered flags. The entire ensemble was seriously awesome looking!

Administrator HUD
The second item I needed was a HUD that an administrator of the Balance Beam would need in order to reset the system and clean up any stray cones. I had been using a really nasty looking thing that I had concocted awhile back that was composed of simple blocks of prims in three different colors.

Linda worked on it today and later sent me a a cleverly fashioned HUD that not only gelled with the look and feel of the other components of the system, but was clean and simple and easy to use.

I have to admit, I could never in a million years have designed and built the two. I'm creative in some things, but mama never accused this cold and logical science geek of being artistic! :-(

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