Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bikers and Babes Dance at Alanis Gallery in Xaara

It's no secret that Linda is a real biker in SL and RL, while I'm a kinda biker in SL, and a totally pretend one in RL...but that didn't stop me from stopping by Alanis Gallery for a cool Bikers and Babes Dance which was hosted by Laura Audebarn (Laura Demonista).

The set was very imaginative! The dancers seemed to be partying inside a long tunnel, with the road stretching into the distance on both ends of the tunnel. Photos by Laura were for sale along one wall, and someone even drove in a real (well, SL real) bike. I could almost smell the exhaust in the air....which brought back fond memories of when I lived in countries with no emissions standards. Darn EPA and their crusade to keep us healthy!

Unfortunately, due to RL we could not stay for long, though this may have been positive in a way. Given enough time Linda would almost surely rez her bike and start zooming in and out of the dancing party-goers, and I don't remember putting liability on that vehicle. As it was, we had fun looking (and drooling?) at all the macho guys and delicious babes who crowded into the cavernous room, and I also took the time to buy one cool looking photo showing two biker babes making out on their bike - hubba hubba! ;-)

MK and Linda
Juko Tempel and Michiel Seetan
MK looking lost without Linda
Mk and Linda
Parked Bike


  1. Another great event at Alanis Gallery. Thanks for the report, MK. [Michiel Seetan, co-owner of Alanis]

    1. it's always been a pleasure to visit Alanis Gallery these past couple years Michiel, either to attend some event or peruse the books at Ugajin library. And I have gathered quite a collection of art from the offerings of the gallery as well.